About the Olympian gods


Some men like to sit and ponder, plan for deeds they’ll never do. Better a man had never been born, than his deeds live only in his mind.

Men like you are doers ! That’s the type of man whom lord Ares look upon with favor.

Besides battle and courage, Ares also rules over manliness, instinct and virility. And those are traits that help a man in all walks of life.

The followers of Ares belive that a warrior who thinks long, lives short. Cowardice and shirking comes from thinking to much.

Us Ares men belive in doing, not thinking. We speak plainly and act directly. That’s Ares way.


Poets and athletes, merchants and thieves, travelers and shepards – Hermes watches over all of these.

Messenger of the Gods, Lord of the four winds, guide to the spirits of the fallen, keeper of lore.

Followers of Hermes place wit over all others qualities. As we like to say „Strength wares and beauty fades, but only wit grows day by day”.

We also value agility of mind and body. It’s said the best poets and the best swordsmen all pray to Hermes for his blessing. Diverse company indeed!

Hermes is a mischievous rogue who takes as much pleasure in making his opponent look foolish than in defeating him. An opponent who is embarassed is often frustrated, and one who is frustrated is easily defeated.

Call upon Hermes and let him play his tricks trough you.


He is the sun god. He who commands the sun.

Civilization, music and order, all of these are noble things. Nobility of purpose, a studious and open mind, compassion – these are the virtues i strive to uphold.

There is a reason good men ask Apollo to bless their shields. He favours those whose purpose is true and who fight only to defend what’s noble and right.

With each passing deed you dedicate to Apollo, your future selves who might stumble in the dark grow fewer. The paths of You are increasingly paths of certainty and truth.

Devotion to Apollo will bring you divine endurance and resolve, even in the darkest of times.


The only god with the authority to wield Zeus’ thunderbolts, she dispenses justice with firm resolve. She expects those who follow her to carefully discern right from wrong, to be steadfast in their judgment, and fully commit themselves to all that they do.

Athena is the goddes of Justice.

She is also the goddes of crafts, strategy and military war, all worthy disciplines.

Wisdom, justice, courage, discipline and humility. These are the five virtues of a worthy life.


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  1. I love Artemis. Artemis and her younger twin brother Apollo were the children of Zeus and Leto, born in Delos. She is the lady of the forest and all the wild things.
    She was vindictive and there were many who suffered from her anger. One of her actions was to join Apollo in killing the children on Niobe. Artemis took part in the battle against the Giants, where she killed Gration. She also destroyed the Aloadae and is said to have killed the monster Bouphagus. Other victims of Artemis included Orion and Actaeon, as well as Meleager, who was fated to die as the result of the Calydonian Boar hunt instigated by Artemis.
    In Artemis is shown most vividly the uncertainty between good and evil which exists in every god. Ironically, this contrast is least apparent in her brother, the God of Light, Apollo.
    She was held in honor in al the wild and mountainous areas of Greece, in Arcadia and in the country of Sparta, in Laconia on Mount Taygetus and in Elis.
    Her biggest temple was build in Ephesus which became one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. In the nearby museum of Selcuk you can sea two beautiful marble statues of Artemis Polimastros (with many breasts), as she was called in the Ionian region of Asia Minor.

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